My Compost is wet! How wet should my compost be?

The ideal compost consistency is wrung out sponge. Compost should be damp or moist, not soggy or drippy

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My compost is wet! What do I do?

Wet compost, excess water or liquid in compost often comes from too many greens or fresh nitrogen rich content

Add additional carbon rich browns to soak up the moisture

Microorganisms that create compost need the right balance of greens browns moisture and air, if this balance is off your compost may continue to get wet

Create a one to one balance of browns to greens

Bury newly added matteral in the existing composting material

Mix your compost every few weeks

If wetness is chronic, drill some drainage holes in your system

How wet is too wet?

There shouldn’t be any pools or puddles of water

Leaves should glisten with moisture not sop

Shredded paper should be wet but not matted together or mushy