How to make your garden safe for kids?

How to make your garden safe for kids?

kid garden safe urban garden guide

Shop for tools that will keep your kids safe!

Kids should always wear gloves when working in city soil!

How to make your garden kid safe

Test the soil, and then take appropriate action to remediate if needed

Avoid planting any poisonous plants or flowers, kids have been known to try to eat different plants like foxglove

Keep your garden organic

Make special garden guidelines for everyone

No eating plants unless an adult says it’s okay to eat

Avoid plants with spiny leaves or thorns like roses, yucca, hollies and cati

Suggested guidelines

Give clear examples of how to use tools, decide what tools are appropriate for kids to use

No leaving tools out

No running while garden tools are being used

Keep rakes tines down, keep an eye on tools you are not using

Make sure plant stakes or supports are taller than small children. Sharp short stakes can take out an eye

Keep your garden organic

Be mindful around water in buckets or pools small children have drowned in a few inches of water