Garden Mulch

Mulch is a soil covering that you apply to protect and improve your soil and plants it will take your garden from good to great
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Special Consideration: Street treebeds

In early spring remove the mulch and flush the street tree bed with lots of water to remove as much salt and other pollutants  as possible.  Replace with fresh mulch.

Why you need to use mulch

Keeps weeds under control by reducing sunlight to seedlings

Prevents soil erosion on steep slops

Reduces compaction from heavy rain and foot traffic

Regulates soil temperature: cooling it in summer, insulating it in winter

Conserves moisture -mulch can save a plants life in drought

Improves the appearance of the appearance of the garden

Creates a good habitat for friendly microorganisms and worms

Builds Soil strength

Before you mulch

Before putting down mulch make sure you’ve removed all weeds from your garden

Putting a layer or dressing of compost down on your garden before mulching will help ensure great growth

Determine what type of mulch you would like to use. The amount of t you need will depend on what you are using as mulch, see table below

How much mulch?

A safe depth for mulch is generally 2-3 inches

When mulch is sold by the cubic yard calculate the amount your space will need to follow these four steps:

  1. Multiply the length of your garden by the width, this will give you the square feet
  2. Decide how deep you want your mulch to be in inches (see below for details)
  3. Multiply the square footage you discovered in step one by your desired depth
  4. Divide the number by 324, this is the number of cubic feed of mulch you need

Mulch type and useage guide

  • Mulch
  • Wood Chips
  • Coco Hulls
  • Compost
  • Leaves
  • Mixed Bark
  • Newspaper
  • At a depth of…
  • 3 inches
  • 3 inches
  • 3 inches
  • 3 inches
  • 2-3 inches
  • 2 layers
  • Weed control
  • Solid, bare patches can develop
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Water retention
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Good
  • Smell
  • Varying smells, ceder is the best for smell
  • Smells like chocolate 🙂
  • Earthy
  • Forest in October
  • Varying smells ceder is the best for smell, pine is also nice
  • Library
  • Becomes soil in
  • slowly 1-2 years
  • Fairly slow
  • Quickly
  • Slowly
  • slowly
  • Quickly
  • Impact on nutrients
  • Takes a small amount of nitrogen out of soil
  • Adds nitrogen occasionally molds
  • Adds many important nutrients, ideally mix with other mulch
  • Adds nitrogen, other important micro nutrients
  • Takes some nitrogen
  • *Needs to be covered with another mulch