Urban Gardening with Kids

Kids are some of the best gardeners they’re creative, curious, hardworking, and open to explore and play

kids urban garden guide

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Gardening Teaches Kids

Gardening teaches kids where food comes from

Gardening connects kids to the environment

Gardening is a way for kids to bond with parents

Gardening allows kids to express their creativity

Gardening gives experience with life sciences, chemistry, biology, and genetics

Gardening helps develop an aesthetic eye

Gardening relaxes kids

Gardening teaches process

Give your kids freedom in the garden

A small vegetable plot is a wonderful place for kids to experiment, learn process and see the impact of their actions

Tasks that require fine motor skills like thinning, staking and sowing, often need supervision

General tasks like watering, mulching, and weeding often completely immerse kids and can be done independently


How do I get my kids involved in gardening?

Make it fun! Gardening should involve lots of play

Growing edible food is exciting and has an awesome end product that gets kids excited

Bring kids into the whole process, getting kids engaged from the very beginning, from planning what to plant to cooking with produce from the garden is a proven why to grow a gardener

Give your kid their own section of the garden or container so they can have a sense of ownership

Dream up themes, a fairy garden for a princess, a prehistoric garden for a dinosaur lover, a pizza garden and so on

Make special nooks and hiding spots for kids, who love getting under plants and having a special spot

Young children often love watering, a mini watering can has become many children’s favorite gardening tool

Explore, kids love finding out about new things and controlled adventure, finding bugs, learning about the soil and how plants grow can get kids excited to be in the garden

Have kids make signs, and decorate the garden (or part of it) to make it their own

Fun projects for kids in gardens

Make a sunflower house, create a 5- 10ft diameter circle, and plant sunflower seeds 3-4” inches apart around the ring, leave a 2ft wide opening where you want the entrance

Once the sunflowers have formed flower heads, loosely tie them together to create a roof of the house

Make a pole bean tepee, use four bamboo stakes to make a tepee, plant beans

Make a pickle in a bottle: while a cucumber is small on the vine slide it into a bottle, the cucumber will continue to grow into the bottle, harvest and you’ve got a pickle in a bottle (good luck getting it out)

Personalized squash and melons: two weeks before harvest, take a key and scratch words into the surface of pumpkins, squash, or melons. Only scratch the surface!  This will quickly heal over creating a brown raised outline of the scratching allowing neat designs or pumpkins with your name on them

Make seed bombs

Set up a vermiculture system, kids love vermiculture

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