Tree guards are an infrastructure investments that insure the environmental and community value of a street tree Less expensive tree guards can also be made or installed as a great way to protect you trees

Tree guard starters

Do: Install a guard at the outermost edge of the tree bed.

Because: city trees need all the room they can get.

Do:  Leave at least 2 feet of space around your tree.

Because: a tight tree girdle can hurt your tree

Do: make sure the Tree guard is over 18” tall.

Because:  someone could trip and fall if it’s shorter.

Do: minimize any sharp corners.

Because: someone could lose an eye!

Do: use an open design that allows air to flow through, and water to drain.

Because: it’s healthier for the tree and discourages adding large amounts of soil which could rot the base of the tree.

Why are so many tree guards missing the part on the street?

The street side of tree guards is left open so car doors can open