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You can make your street beautiful, safer, reduce pollution and slow climate change all with a tree!

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now


Good Tree!

  • Streets with trees are 5-15 degrees cooler
  • Tree lined streets make drivers slow down
  • Trees may help reduce crime
  • Trees absorb climate change causing carbon dioxide and release oxygen
  • Trees remove ozone, Pollution and particulate matter from the air
  • Trees help retain storm water and prevent pollution from entering ground water and rivers

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    Trees need 10-20 gallons of water a week

  • TLC

    Trees need occasional care

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    Most trees are easy to care for

Getting Started

Remove trash and animal waste from a tree bed. because no one wants that in their bed!

Loosen the top inch of the soil with a hand cultivator link because this will allow water and air to get to the trees roots

Call the city or an arborist if there are any broken, rotting or hanging branches that could fall and cause damage

Remove any new growth sprouting from around the base of the tree (these are called suckers) because this will prevent a tree tangle down the line

Getting better

Add a layer of mulch link page on mulch 2 -3 inches deep, because mulch keeps weeds away and trees happy

Remove any burlap, tape or wire wrapped around tree, because burlap can cause rot and tape or wire can constrict the tree

After 1 year remove any guylines and stakes because removing them will allow the tree to grow free!

Best on the block

Install a tree guard link page about tree guards// product?

Flush tree bed with water in spring, after the last snowfall, to remove salt from the soil. Because Most trees get sick if they’re around too much salt. Try sand, salting sidewalks kills lots of young trees.

Mix in a thin layer of compost (no more than ½ inch) into the soil every year, because compost is a super food for plants

Advanced tree pruning link to new page

Trees don’t like...

  • Soil piled around the trunk, it can cause rot
  • Mulch mounded or volcanoed around the trunk, it can cause rot
  • Ivy, it can make a home for rodents, uses lots of water and can strangle a tree
  • Large shrubs, they suck up water the tree needs
  • Bike chains or other items on the trunk that cut or rub the bark, these create wounds that can disease the tree
  • Dog/cat/people waste, high in ammonium and nitrogen it can burn a tree