Heat island effect

The heat island effect is the 2-8 degree day temperature increase that occurs in cites because of dark surface that absorb and radiate heat. At night, the heat island effect can cause city temperatures to be 20 F degrees hotter then surrounding areas

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Growing plants is one of the best ways to combat the heat island effect

Reduce the heat island effect by nurturing your street trees

Reduce the heat island effect by installing a green roof

Reduce the heat island effect by growing planters on your roof

Reduce the heat island effect by planting gardens!

The heat island effect will impact you garden, because...

The heat island effect contributes to micro climates that often extend your growing season, however, the heat islands should not be celebrated, the extra heat stresses plants and makes providing enough water difficult

Why the heat island effect is bad

In addition to stressing plants and causing a greater need for watering (without the extra heat ¬†many city gardens could depend on rainwater alone)…

The heat island effect increases energy consumption by about 5-10% because of the extra need to cool buildings in cities

The heat island effect causes health problems as hotter days increase breathing difficulty, lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and put those in frail health at risk

The heat island effect imperils ecosystems.Rivers and other aquatic systems are particularly threatened by higher temperatures which put many species at serious risk

How to you ensure plants bet the heat?

Pay extra attention to plants on hot days.

Use Sips

A irrigation system on a timer

Putting ice in tree beds is a great way to water and cool a tree