Can I put a greenroof on my building?

A greenroof is a permanent installation, click here more about container gardening on your roof.  Don’t start putting in a greenroof before professional consultation. Many cities require building permits for a greenroof. These tend to consist of stamped drawings by a licensed structural engineer and architect

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How much will my greenroof cost?

Generally a green roof will cost 50% more than a conventional roof this cost is offset by the heating and cooling saving from your roof and its longer life

You need the right team

A structural engineer must determine how much weight your roof can hold

A landscape architect or experienced garden designer is often key to ensuring the best plants and functionality for your needs.

Experienced installation team, check that the team leader has put down a greenroof before, improper installation can lead to costly long term maintenance

We are currently putting together a list of  reputable installation firms, stay tuned!

How is my building protected?

A greenroof consists of plants, lightweight soil, filter mat, drainage layer, insulation layer, root barrier, waterproof membrane, and roof deck.

If your greenroof is missing these features your building may be at serious risk

How much will my greenroof weigh?

Water stored in tanks weighs about 8lbs/ gallon

Extensive green roof systems weigh about 20-34lbs /ft 2

Intensive green roof systems weigh about 80-150lbs / ft2

Most northern cities require roofs at be made to withstand at least a 30ft2 load

How long will my greenroof last?

A green roof lasts 50% longer than a traditional roof because the several layers protect the roof