Is tap water bad for plants?

City water contains chlorine and fluorine, which keeps people healthy, but is poisonous to plants, very cold tap water can shock root systems slowing down growth but there is an easy fix

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What happens to the additives when water is left to sit?

When tap water containing chlorine is left to sit a natural molecular conversion process occurs whereby the chlorine harmlessly releases into the air

Easy fix

Putting tap water in a container and letting it sit for several hours allows the chlorine and fluorine to dissipate, and the water to reach room temperature making it safe for all plants

Will tap water kill my plants?

For most plants chlorine and fluorine merely slow down growth, however there are a handful of plants which are severely impacted by these additives, for example plants like the Venus flytrap  and other members of the Droserace family will die very quickly when given treated water .

Is there a difference using tap water on house plants verse outdoor plants?

Indoor plants and container plants are at greater risk from tap water then trees and outdoor plants because the more soil there is for water to drain through the less negative impact tap water will have

Do I really have to let tap water sit before watering my plants?

It is much better to let water sit before using it on your plants, however, using tap water immediately won’t kill most plants, it will just slow them down, often only a tiny amount