Apartment plants

Apartment plants

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Good apartment plants

  • House plants fill your home with fresh air
  • House plants remove up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (toxins) from the air every 24 hours
  • House plants Release moisture into the air which improves breathing
  • House plants energize. More energy comes from oxygen than food
  • House plants can make ugly spaces beautiful  
  • House plants make beautiful spaces divine
  • House plants placed near light switches can encourage you to turn off lights
  • House plants help alleviate Aid recovery from headaches and migraines

Apartment Plants How-to

Getting started

Do: Pick your container just about any container can be used for holding plants.
Do: if possible ensure there is a way for extra water to drain out of your container and a tray to catch the water because watering from the bottom is best, also if plants are sitting in water they may drown. About water-wise gardening. Start with a SIP.
DO: position large and medium containers where you want them before putting drainage material, soil and plants in them. Because you don’t want to have to move a full container! Will you be growing in the shade or the sun?
Do: make sure the plant has the right amount of light, because light is needed for plants to produce food and survive, many tropical house plants are bred for thick forest and don’t like lots of light.
Do: Place sun loving plants in north facing windows. Because there is more sun from the north. Get compass -app on your smart phone or tablet- to find out which way is north
Do: fill the bottom layer or ¼ of the container with drainage material, such as chunks of Styrofoam, gravel or upside plant trays. Because it will give a place for extra water and air flow to keep your plants happy from sliding off their shelve
Do: Fill the container with potting soil, the best mix may differ depending on what you are growing, learn more, for most mix in a handful of compost about a 1/8 cup to every cup, because this will give the plants what they need to grow!
Do: pick your plants, consider the plant to pot ratio, to start, you want a plant that will grow as tall as the container. Learn more
Do: Plant your plants! Make sure they have room to get 3-5 times bigger. Give their roots a tickle and lots of water! Because they need a good start
Do: Spread 2-3 inches of mulch. Because mulching will keep your plant moist, improve your soil and look nice.

Make it bloom!

Do: ensure there is enough water! Generally house plants need to be watered when they the soil is dry. Stick your finger through the mulch and feel if the soil is moist. It is best to water from the bottom. About water- wise gardening. Start with a SIP
Do: Mist the leaves of your plants with a spray bottle every few months, because it will help them flourish
Do: occasionally give your plants nutrients, because potting soil has very few of the vitamins and minerals plants need. It’s very easy to over fertilize. Learn more.
Do: Trim back or prune dead or overgrown plants. Because it will help your plants flourish
Do: Monitor for sick or bug infested plants. Because it could spread! More information.
Do: Enjoy!

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