Keys to growing food

Keys to growing food

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Most editable plants have been selected by farmers and gardeners over the last 10,000 years to grow quickly and easily, making them a great gateway plants into gardening


Think about how you will provide enough space for your plants, in containers, going vertical or getting creative


Ensure you have enough light – most vegetables need 6 hours of light a day, many city yards or balconies are in the shade

Having a shady area means that many food producers like tomatoes and cucumbers will do poorly

Many edibles like lettuce and peas will do well in shade, learn more


Ensure you have a way to water, using SIP’s, irrigation, having easy access to a water source is a must

Vegetables are almost never drought tolerant, in some areas, especially where there is a strong heat island effect  they may need water every day

Make sure you don’t over water, soil should be damp not wet


Many plants have an ideal temperature range explore what grows best in your area and when is the best time to start growing