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    Meet Tim

    My friends and family thought I was crazy, “what, you’re moving to Brooklyn? But you’re such an outdoorsy guy, you’ll hate the city.”

    TRUE, I adore green spaces and spent much of my time growing up on farms, gardens and running around in the mountains, but also FALSE, I love the city!

    Not all bugs are bad

    Soon after moving to the city I was drafted by The Brooklyn Botanical Garden to be trained as Brooklyn Urban Gardener, or BUG.  There are about twenty BUGs, we volunteer as consultants for community gardens, teach workshops and try to be catalysts for community gardening.

    The experience has changed my life! I’ve since quit my desk job, helped start two urban farms, and worked with a boutique garden firm installing some of the fanciest gardens in Brooklyn.

    Why this website

    One of the reasons I started this website is to help plant and grow as many healthy urban gardens as possible!

    As more and more folks asked me for urban gardening resources or help, I kept making new documents, emails and photocopies.  Soon I realized it would make more sense if there was an online guide with expert advice, the latest techniques and best tools.

    Experts you can trust

    I was once the news director of NPR affiliate Finger Lakes Public Radio.  I learned that information from the most knowledgeable source is always worth the extra hustle.

    The information on urban garden guide is the result of interviews with experts, extensive research and your feedback!

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